Did You Know Cannabis Can Help Symptoms of Anxiety
05 - 21 - 2017

Anxiety can become an overwhelming symptom that can take over your daily functions in life. Prescription medications can become addictive and often make you feel worse or not even help your anxiety at all. Lucky for you, cannabis can provide some relief from the grips of anxiety that could be ruling your life.

Here at Therapeutic Healthcare Collective we carry a variety of cannabis products that are best at treating anxiety, specifically products that are high in CBD, as well as, Indica flower strains or products made from Indica strains. Remember that Indica will cause a psychotropic effect leaving you “high” and very relaxed, promoting less anxiety.

CBD products do not have the psychotropic effect but will combat symptoms of anxiety. There is mounting evidence from research studies that suggest that CBD has powerful anti-anxiety properties. Please read this article.

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